Copperplate Practice & Feedback

Copperplate Practice & Feedback - student project

Session #6: Lowercase Letters

It's been a few days of daily practice and I thought I might go over my process. I do 3-pages + 1 index card each day. One page is just the basic strokes. One page is a combination of all the letters I'd learned so far up until that day. Then the third page would be rows of that days letters. Then ~6hrs later I do a quick index card in red ink. This is mostly a study trick, to exercise writing from recall. Hard to say if it's working, but I am more confident in my writing. 

I won't post all the pages because there's a lot. But one of the practice pages, and one of the note cards.

Copperplate Practice & Feedback - image 1 - student projectCopperplate Practice & Feedback - image 2 - student project


Two of my pages today, I'll leave out the page of component strokes, just to save space and since I did a quick row before running through the alphabet on the 2nd page. Tomorrow, I'll begin Uppercase.

Copperplate Practice & Feedback - image 3 - student project

Copperplate Practice & Feedback - image 4 - student project


Session #2: Group 2

(Rather than make a project for each session, I figured I'll just update this one to keep it all together.)

I warmed up with a review of the last session. I did try a lot more "o" to try to tame it and learn more control. But, ultimately I think it'll require a lot more practice before it'll start looking proper.

Copperplate Practice & Feedback - image 5 - student project  Copperplate Practice & Feedback - image 6 - student project

Then, a page of new letters from Group 2. That "p" gives me anxiety! It's not an easy letter at all. I also feel maybe the

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Session #1: Basic Lowercase Strokes & Group 1

I did a page of the Lowercase Component Strokes and Group 1. I feel like I'm getting it, but sometimes my fingers just refuse to cooperate. starting the Y frazzled me. My ovals also feel a bit too circle at the moment as well.

Lowercase Component Strokes

Copperplate Practice & Feedback - image 8 - student project

Copperplate Group 1

Copperplate Practice & Feedback - image 9 - student project

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