Andia Kolakowski

I am a left-brained hobbyist



Cool Shit Folder


I decided to post the Really Cool Shit project as I am still marinating on my artifact with all the other information I have received. I will probably post more projects once I get things in order. Anyway, of the 50 photos from my camera roll, I could already see my repeating themes so I decided to just post a few highlights from my selections.

I Love to Make



I recently got married and during our engagement my now husband wanted to make a few things for the wedding that would represent us. I taught myself how to make macrame for the ceremony arch and my husband taught me how to make a table for the bridal party.

I Love to Capture Stories


I have always enjoyed writing stories and like capturing little moments like this that seem mundane, but can make for inspiration later to a good story. Now I think I like capturing stories more on my phone than on paper...almost.

I Love to Explore



My husband and I love the outdoors, and I am a nomad to my bones so I knew we had to go some place majestic for our honeymoon. So we went to Alberta to get away from the sun and to see what nature really has to offer. When I am away from home, I take pride in being a conscious visitor.

I Love Really Good Food


Need I say more about this subject?

Overall, from just this project I could slowly see that I am a wandering nomad capturing the sights, smells, taste, and people I encounter and looking to retell the story to adventure seekers.


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