Cooking with ADHD

Cooking with ADHD - student project

Set up the channel! Yay!  (but didn't reserve a username! shoot) 

Name: Still working on it... ADHDiners? ADHD = the spice of life? I'm still working on naming it... I am stuck on the name. Should I use my name? is cooking with ADHD too narrow? I'm interested in so much more than cooking. (see USP's)

The point: Separating feeding yourself from cooking and making it easy when meal planning seems overwhelming. (as a foodie diagnosed with ADHD, this is a real struggle for me) 

My USP: 
1) CREATE (meal plans, recipes, meals, tips, content, communities, art, cakes...)
2) HYGGE (do what brings the most joy; enjoy every bite)
3) COGNITIVE MASTERY (productivity, tips, sharing knowledge, learning...)

My strengths: living in the moment, planning, curiosity, starting projects, picking out the best recipes, an eye for detail, an ear for music, a taste for flavors. I inspire others to be vulnerable.