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Cooking for Camping

Update 5.29.13!

I think I bit off more than I could chew with this project and I wasn't able to completely finish (hence the lorem ipsum)  but I made good progress and I wanted to post some pages to get feedback. I'm quite excited with where this is going and I'm hoping to make more zines once I get a system down. I will hopefully upload the "centerfold" in the next few days as it's going to be super fun (once I finish).  These pages are a bit out of order (first recipe page corresponds with the "car-camping" section but i still have to draw a car. I've had so much fun doing research & making a bazillion little drawings and I can't wait to finish. I'm also pretty excited to test out some recipes this weekend as I'm going camping!

I'd love any feedback that you have. Thanks for taking a look. 


Here's a shot of all the doodles I did:

and here's the front cover so far...

Intro page...

The following is a recipe page for "car-camping"... 

This a more complete seciton on backpacking...

Hi everyone!

I'm Alix. I love zines and I always want to make them but I rarely do. I made this one once and now I'm ready for more! For this class I'm going to make a zine about cooking & eating in the outdoors. Whether you're deep in the woods or next to your car there are delicious things to eat for all! I love handdrawn type, silly illustrations, patterns, and camping so I'm hoping to flex my muscles in all these categories and make something radical. I also can't WAIT to make endpaper!

Here are the specs for my zine:

size: half-page (might be a little smaller if I make some pages with bleed since I'll have to cut it down)
page count: 16-20 (probaby closer to 20)
paper: color & white xerox paper for interior. Color cover stock for outside
printing: b/w xerox (I never get sick of xerox!)
binding: staples (or saddle if I'm feeling ambitious)
quanity: 15 zines (or more??)

My zine will be loosely in the following sections:

-title page w/ table of contents
-spread 1: intro/tools/what to pack
-next spreads:

There will be 4 sections (a spread for each) on the following:

car camping
backpacking (longer trips) 

each will have the following:

description w/ what to bring,
do's & don'ts,
little illustrated recipes for :
breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, (and maybe dessert & booze depending on the section)

and then a finale (probably with s'mores)

I also might made a "center-fold" with the pages folded down to look like a tent/camping scene.

Can't wait to get started on this. I'd love to get lots and lots of feedback so bring it!

Here are some (kinda crappy) sketches. Final product will look much more polished!


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