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Cooking Adventure: Gyoza

The Filling
I made a vegetarian version of this recipe and used faux minced meat.
I did some things differently: I used Chinese cooking rice wine instead of sake (b/c of budget), freshly grated ginger instead of tubed, toasted sesame oil instead of spicy, plus added some freshly ground black pepper. I also upped the ginger and garlic.


The Folding
I tried both folding versions, and added a third, super easy one: the so-called lazy version :).




The Final Result
After steaming/frying, I added some scallions, freshly ground black pepper and sesame seeds, and ate the gyoza with sweet-and-sour chili sauce.


The Future
The next day, I used the leftover filling in the egg yolk soup Makiko showed in the ending (I used whole eggs instead of just yolks).
Both the gyoza and soup were delicious, and I will definitely be making these again.
Next time I'll be trying a gyoza version with prawns or chicken, or maybe a different vegetarian version; there are lots of possibilities here.
Makiko, thanks for the lovely class!


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