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Cookin' From Scratch

First I would like to say I really enjoyed this project, I hopefully can do a few more pieces and upload them here in the near future. Also I am somewhat pleased with the results of this, I know I can do better, but when you have a 21 month old take care of full time it's hard to find time to do things like this.I had to do this when my son was sleeping, so it was basically one shot. I didn't lay it out on the object beforehand, I just went for it! I really hope I can find some time to create some better pieces to share.With that being said, here's my process...

I orignally wanted to do lettering on a mason jar, but there was too much texture to make anything so I went for a reused pasta sauce jar I store bulk dry goods in. (this one is quinoa)

I've been trying to work on staying present and not stressing out about the future so much so a "being present" quote was fitting. The one I found is actually part of a bigger quote which I didn't write down nor who wrote it, oops.

Here are a few rough (very rough) sketches of just writing the words. Im new to hand lettering, and I haven't been practicing like I ought to be. But hey, that's why we are here right?!



I like the look of the script style mixed with the serif and Sans serif lettering and decided to use that structure on my project. I have no idea if this is "proper" form for hand lettering, I just applied some things I learned in this class (lettering spacing and angles) which probably isnt apparent, and some other little tips I have learned in other skillshare classes.

Then I finally sat down and quietly (so I didn't wake my son up), and did what I could do. I went over a lot of the lines a few times and I know it needs some love, but it's a great way to fancy up an old pasta jar! ;)

Thanks for looking!






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