Cookie Obsession

Cookie Obsession - student project

Here is my take on a obsession comic.

Cookie Obsession - image 1 - student project

1. One character eating a cookie with the other seeing this and then dwelling on a cookie taking over the frame coming from the character thoughts.

2. Character watching from the door their partner eating a cookie and the approaching the empty plate looking sad.

3. Watching from a distance their partner eating and then looking upset when the cookie is eaten.

I prefered the idea of using the tangent of the cookie overlaying the character's mouth whilst being eaten by their partner.

Cookie Obsession - image 2 - student project

With a quick rough sketch of the basic kitchen environment using the corner of the wall to divide the characters. The cookie had to be moved to because the arms are too short.

Cookie Obsession - image 3 - student project

Using a rough style brush to give a drawn or sketchy look.

Cookie Obsession - image 4 - student project