Cook Faster: 5 Tips for Chopping Better

I'm working on my first Skillshare class and plan to turn one of my blog posts into a short lesson on how anyone can prep ingredients faster to make any recipe more quickly from start to finish.

The idea is that you can't actually make meat or grains or beans cook faster so the only thing you can do is get your ingredients ready more quickly. I can help people who don't feel comfortable with slicing and dicing do just that with these 5 easy to follow along with tips.

I'll be using a mix of demo, slides, and talking head.  The structure will look something like this:

  • Intro
  • How to Find a Flat Surface
  • Why you Should Choke up on the Knife
  • Make Sure you Have a Vision
  • Ditch Perfection
  • Practice a Lot
  • Conclusion and Assignment

Milestone 2:

Here's the link to my class outline

And here's my completed course!


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