Converts - an online hub for convertible couture by global designers. Fashion forward and on the move ~ just like you

Converts - an online hub for convertible couture by global designers. Fashion forward and on the move ~ just like you - student project

1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for? 

An educational fashion movement for the one stop shop (hub) for convertible couture by global designers that completes the couture demands of the 21st century professional commuter/traveller. Convertible couture is fashion she can wear more ways than one: a scarf becomes a skirt, a high heel becomes a flat, etc.  

2. Target (The people who love your brand most care about:)

Her name is Isobel and her passport is ready. She is a modern day girl, a Sex and the City urbanite, a professional between 27-45 years old. She makes a good income yet has to commute to maintain her career. Her professional/everyday life is not that exclusive of one another. She wants her outward identity to reflect her inward spirit so she strives for a style identity that is her at both work, home and play.

Her commuter lifestyle demands that she go from boardroom to cocktail hour in a split second or fly away on business trips that demand meetings to pleasure voyages.  Her local urbanite high-heeling demands treks around the city where she runs into mini-worlds/mini districts every day. She wants to keep her lifestyle light, tight and trim. Because image is important to her, she will invest in one or many arsenal of tools via a support team such as an image consultants, stylist, business coach, life coach, personal chef, nanny, housecleaner, to allow her to focus on her development and quality family time. Since travel troping completes her spiritually, financially, and creatively she seeks functional stylish products that make the cut in her carry-on. 

Because she has travelled, she has been exposed to so many ideas of beauty. Beauty to her is connected from the inside out and the outside in. She lives her life a step closer to conscious living. She values people and planet and smart products. She seeks to know the cutting edge of innovative  products that will make her life streamlined with style. She likes kaboodles, compacts, makeup cheet sheets, style guides, & smart style methods. Earth conscious and quality are the two tipping points to her purchase. She always seeks to develope herself, to be the influencer amongst her friends and family, gladly wears the black sheep button, and devoted to a support group of female thought leaders and doers. She is a 21st century modern day female multi-tasker whose intelligence, college education, action taking, entreprenurial currency allow her to be the wow effect toting change on all levels from her personal to political.  She does not want her looks, her luggage or her life to weigh her down. She seeks options and shares them.

3. Your brand is NOT:

We are not the plane Jane American wrinkled kahki’s, sloppy t-shirts and flip flops airport arriving, departing and landing fashion faux pas. We are not for the Maxxinista fashion discount travel shopper, we are not about discounts, we are not the one travel pant or insignia travel bag you pick out of an L.L. Bean catalogue, we are not travel wear for the hiking, biking, trekking, yoga loving traveler. We are the antithesis of

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

Compact couture for the stylish professional commuter on the go.

5. Insight

She needs fashion options that are versatile, stylish, compact, functional, quick, and quality all rolled into one garment for her 21st century on the go commuter lifestyle.  

6.  Key Idea

Building a tribe of 21st century fashionistas on the go / neuveaux nomadics on the go / modern girls on the go / girl power on the go

7. Supporting Facts

  1. FEATURE – MORE WAYS THAN ONE - Convertible couture is fashion that you can wear more ways than one. Switch garments from a scarf to a skirt, a long to a short jacket, a high heel to a flat.
  2. FEATURE –ONE STOP SHOP -  It appeals to this StyleFact: Studies show that 74% of ladies think about shopping every minute. It is believed that ladies think about shopping just as much as guys think about sex. This is the one place she can hang out online and think about shopping in the way she needs to wear it in her life. 
  3. FEATURE – ONE BAG - A 10 piece collection that becomes 30 outfits is stylish travel that fits all in one carry-on.

 8. 3 words for my brand

Versatile ~ Eco-Intelligent ~ Forward



Jerah Coviello
Owner & Creative Director