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Converting Kilos to Pounds


Feature: converting kilos to pounds

 Step #1: Enter

The DNS translates this URL into an IP address, and routes the request to servers, which respond with data packets. The browser translates that into images (css?) and text (html?).


Step #2: Click on “Resources”

(It goes to


The back-end (PHP) routes "Resources" to the appropriate page, which shows the resources available, and then pushes that to the front-end where they all show up in a pretty grid structure (HTML and CSS).

Step #3:

Scroll down to “Weight Conversion Calculator” and click on it.


The back end then takes the instructions (i.e. what you clicked on) and routes the server to the appropriate section. 

It again shows up in HTML and CSS--HTML puts it in a grid, and CSS makes the boxes and button colors pretty.

Step #4:

Fill in the units, precision and weight you’d like to convert. Let’s say I want to compete in the 63kg weight class, but I don’t know how many pounds that is.

This function, which is a fancy term for when you put in data and it gets spit back out into something meaningful (like numbers) accepts 3 inputs: units, precision and weight. There are two options for units--kilograms to pounds (in which case the function divides by 2.2) and pounds to kilograms (in which the pounds are multiplied by 2.2). 

Step #5: Hit convert. 

After you hit convert, the program validates the input. If there's a negative number or something that is not a number, it returns an error, and the front end shows the message.

Otherwise, the function processes the inputs according to the function/formula to decide the input in the back end, and then spit it out in the form of a number in the front end. 


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