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Converting Data into Information Using Excel

I just added an introductory Video - link embedded below.  Comments are greatly appreciated.

Hello everyone.  I am excited to be launching my first class on Skillshare.  I have spent the last 20+ years using Excel as a data management tool with great success. If you manage data for your hobby, your business, your job, or for personal reasons, Excel has many great features that will help you. This course, the first in what I plan to be a series, will help you learn important Excel data management skills. The next time you download data from your bank, your accounting software, or wherever, you will be able to do more with it than before, and even create a database that you can use for tracking and reporting information. 

I know from experience that some of the best spreadsheet techniques I have learned came from people seeing what I was doing and saying “why don’t you try this?”  I also know that you could literally waste days learning Excel techniques that you will never use and therefore will quickly forget. Therefore, my training philosophy is to be upfront about what I am teaching and my learning goals for you.  I will share not only Excel techniques, but, equally important, how I apply them. Everything I show you I have done, over and over again, during my career.  

Please click here for my new introductory video.  I hope enough of you find this interesting as providing a course that people find helpful is my motivation.

Please share your thoughts and questions.  Thank you!


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