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Roy Blumenthal

Visual Facilitator: making speech into pics. Live.



Convert your black and white drawings into customisable, full-colour, Creative Cloud assets


Screen Captures All Done


Today I did all of my screen captures. I've just imported them into Premiere Pro, and cut them up into the various lesson modules they belong to. (Naming the clips meaningfully is a really useful discipline, which will help with assigning the clips to their respective video lessons.)

In the morning, I'll record my explanations. I've already filmed most of the links where we're not looking at the screen captures. So I reckon I'll be publishing this before very long. Yay! Very exciting process. Great to be taking my knowledge out of my head, and putting it into the world.



Intro Video Live on YouTube



Intro Video on Draft Project


My intro video is now in my draft Skillshare course. I'm not at all sure how to make it viewable to people looking at this page. Is there some secret link I should post here? Here is the "share" link on the video, but I suspect it'll lead people to a blocked page, seeing as it's still a draft project...



My Promo Footage About To Be Edited


Here's my promo footage on my machine, ready to be edited in Premiere Pro CC2015.


I used my Galaxy Note 4's front facing camera, along with a freeware app called SIMPLE TELEPROMPTER. I had to use the Note's Multi-Window feature to allow me to have the camera and teleprompter apps open at the same time. I found that it's impossible to record video if the video window is closed. It won't do it in the background. The app has to be open.


Rough Script for Promo Video:


Hi. If you're an artist who uses Photoshop, you've probably got a bunch of drawings lying around
in sketchbooks or in digital files on your computer.

In this mini course, we're going to
learn a really easy and effective workflow
for getting those pictures into a format
where you can re-use them whenever you like.

I'll show you how to turn them from passive black and white drawings
to full colour, editable, transparent, reusable assets.
You can save them on your harddrive,
or, even better, in your Creative Cloud libraries,
Where you can use them in any of your
Adobe Suite applications.

I'm Roy Blumenthal. I'm a digital visual facilitator in Johannesburg, South Africa. I convert what people say in conferences into pictures.
I developed this workflow to deal with the many pictures I've made
that CAN be reused, but have been sitting in the wrong format.

My aim is for you to start being able to reuse your own artworks,
turning them from pretty things into assets that save you time.

The project we'll be doing together is
to take any old black and white image you like,
and turn it into an editable, full-colour, reusable asset.

We'll learn about Photoshop workflow, using blend layers,
The immense power of smart objects, and Creative Cloud libraries.

Welcome aboard. Let's turn your sketches into something you can use again and again.


Potential Explanatory Blurb:


This is a quick tutorial on how to take your pre-created drawings, and turn them into something you can use over and over again in your Creative Cloud gallery.

You've probably drawn a ton of stuff in your time.

And it's probably languishing in a portfolio bag or electronic folder somewhere.

We're going to use Photoshop CC to turn those old pieces into something you can use whenever and wherever you like.

Can you think of a black and white pic that you'd like to experiment on? That's going to be your project. (Please use one that you're willing to show to the world. Nothing TOOOO personal. Unless that's something you'd like to share. Hmmmm. Yeah.)


Easy Project:


Choose one of your black and white pictures -- digital or analogue -- that's basically been lying around, gathering dust, and burdening your soul. Choose something that you'll be able to use in another creative project one day. In other words, think of the first image you'd like to add to your own personal stock library of stuff YOU'VE created.

My example project is a still from an animated explainer video that I drew. I realised that it might be a reusable asset for me. It's a guy reading the sports page of his morning newspaper. He's sitting at a table, with a cup of something hot.

Please note that I'm not looking at the quality of the drawing. Just the reusability.

When you choose your picture, I'd like you to pick your low hanging fruit. Something that'll actually be useful to you. I WANT you to do this project, so that you actually have one item already in your library.

What picture will it be?

If your pic is analogue, take a photograph of it with your super-high-res camera phone. Or wipe off that old scanner that you forgot you owned, and crank it up to it's highest resolution, and scan the darn thing already. 

Once your anlogue pic has been turned into a digital file, or if it was digital to start with, open Photoshop CC, and drag it into a new high resolution page right away, and we'll get started.


Outlining the project:


I've been doing all the steps, breaking them down into a logical and reproducable sequence. As I do a step, I've been scripting as I go along, using an open Notepad file in Windows for the scripting.

My aim is to script the entire sequence, and then finesse that, and break it down into logical lessons.


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