Converge - The Missions Platform (Brand Guidelines)

I thought I was breaking the mold.

  • As a faith missionary with Youth With A Mission, I have facilitated 75 internship teams... 
  • With students from over 100 universities in 9 countries...
  • Integrating their fields of study with service...
  • To projects serving the poor in 35 countries.

But our students were mostly from the Western World. While leading interns from the West, I noticed something:

  • Young leaders from Nagaland leading student fellowships all over India. 
  • Young Brazilian leaders planting churches in Albania. 
  • I have worked with hundreds of young Korean leaders engaging university communities in 100 cities in 35 countries.
  • Young Chinese leaders planting churches in university communities preparing to send out one million new missionaries in the next decade or so.

The World has changed. 

And this new world is flat, more connected than ever. 

  • In Africa - 650 million use mobile phones. 
  • This far surpasses the U.S. and Europe. 

The new majority Church is in the global south. 

75% of Church is now outside the West and has little attachment to Western traditions, Roman/Greek/Protestant identity, and legacy. 

Meanwhile, students today are more connected, better travelled, and more socially conscious than any previous generation.

So, how then do we respond to this growing opportunity presented by this environment to share the good news, do good works, mobilizing a new generation?

  • How can we mobilize students and volunteers from anywhere and to everywhere?
  • What is the best posture for the Westerners?
  • How can we foster partnerships?
  • What types of people make up a missional community? 
  • And how can they be involved now?

Here's what we came up with:

YWAM CONVERGE - Marketing Tactics and Brand Guidelines

The Importance of a Consistent Brand Identity

As Converge establishes itself more fully in the market, many individuals will be writing and representing the organization and our Lord. It is very important that we unify our voice to have the best, and lasting impact. Careful and intentional handling of our logo, colors, tagline, and even the very mission statement will only aid in keeping a unified voice and united identity. As we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, establish brand recognition with our customers, and reinforce our identity – we will bring consistency to Converge.

Differentiate from Competition - What makes Converge different, unique?

What is Converge?

Converge is a YWAM initiative offering students an opportunity to make a unique contribution based on their skillset and individual calling.

Converge combines YWAM leadership, values, and global network with a hybrid learning of theological training, local community mentoring, and global community practical service for a unique contribution.

Converge gives students the freedom to choose how they are going to serve projects based on their skill set and individual calling.

Converge provides you the freedom as the volunteer to choose HOW you are going to serve the projects based on your skillset and specific individual calling.

Social Media

The voice on social media should show professionalism, maintain brand personality, host a familiar look, eliminating confusion, strengthening brand recall, post consistently, and repurpose content to fit the venue.

















Authorized Use of the YWAM Converge Brand Identity

Converge is an open platform, so feel free to use Converge for your own organization’s missions mobilization. That’s right. It’s yours to use.

Converge will build organically, through our networks of relationships internationally. We believe missions is changing, therefore we are intent on responding to the way people volunteer, serve, learn, and give. We have chosen to make Converge accessible, simple and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

Converge is an initiative of Youth With A Mission (see also www.ywam.org), an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. More than four million students, short-term volunteers and staff have been a part of YWAM since its inception. 

YWAM has nearly 20,000 full-time staff plus 25,000 students from more than 200 nationalities and a wide variety of denominations who serve at more than 1,300 YWAM locations in 180+ nations and dependent countries.

Converge is designed to respond to global trends. It connects student volunteers from anywhere to partners in communities everywhere.

Designed the Student Mobilization Centre (SMC) of the University of the Nations, Converge is developed out of twenty-five years of experience coordinating international internships. SMC has equipped students from over 100 universities in nine countries to integrate their studies with service projects all over the world. Students gathered for ten-day pre-service orientations in El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, and eight States in the USA and they served in thirty-five countries on seventy-five project teams.

The Verbal Essence of Converge


Championing students to serve Christ’s mission. 


We are challenging students to lead out of their identity in Christ and grasp hold of their life's purpose. 

Core Goals

Connect to Meaningful Projects

Prepare for Cross-Cultural Service

Involve in Community

Brand Voice

Relational, but Thoughtful

Prayerful, but Participatory 

Diverse, but Focused.


Of Converge as a brand

Innovative & Connected

Visionary & Globally Minded

User friendly & Transparent

Resourceful & Strength-based

Trustworthy & Engaging

Of students engaging with Converge

An empowered Converge student has the light-footprint of a learner, a passion to sacrifice and surrender, and a humble heart to help.

Of the atmosphere and culture that Converge creates

Visionary & Integrity (full of integrity)

Connectors & Bridge builders

Dependable & Trustworthy

Passionate & Empowered

International & Experienced

Converge Tagline

Connecting empowered students to make a real-world difference.


The Converge platform connects, equips, and mobilizes students to serve projects offering their unique contribution in a practical way. Converge interns bolster long-term projects, as they discern their life-work and calling.

Usage and Configuration

All brand resources including templates, textual content, graphics, colors, fonts, logos, images and styling rules are listed below. Each resource may be used across multiple templates. Please follow these configurations consistently at all times. 

Core Product

Converge is an online platform hosting a searchable registry of service projects, a recruitment tool for organizations, a missional learning course with internships, and a fundraising and administration tool.

The course includes online video training, local community mentorship, and supervised field internship service for a unique contribution.


RGB Color codes for Style board:

Red 228/95/86
Blue 122/204/200
Green 163/211/155
Slate 86/86/86


Fonts for Style Board

Comfortaa – Bold (not shown)

Comfortaa – Regular (not shown)

Comfortaa – Thin

Montserrat – Regular

Montserrat – Bold






A sustainable, high-impact, culturally immersive, and community driven online missions matching, training, and mobilization site.



resource hundreds of partner projects


communities in need 


students and volunteers 


a cloud-based student and volunteer matching, training, and placement program. 

It is a new mobilization tool matching students from anywhere to field projects in needy communities all over the world by bringing together four kinds of people: 

1. Hosts initiate with a simple online app, get validated by a Youth With A Mission missionary, and publish their project on our site.

2. Students search the site from anywhere to serve the project that best fits their schedule, passion, and field of study.

3. Mentors encourage students as they go through our online course (50 short videos), preparing them to serve and discern their life-work calling.

4. Donors direct their giving to servant learners and projects serving communities they are passionate about.

How can you be part of a movement fostering these new missional communities now? You can:

1. Qualified Mentors: 

- Students will invite experienced cross-cultural leaders or missionaries from their community to mentor them through course questions. However, potential mentors may suggest students check out Converge and offer to be their mentor.

2. Partner as Hosts: 

- Inform Local and International projects that your community supports and encourage them to host student interns/volunteers.

3. Partner Mobilizing Students: 

- Involve students from your community with missions projects you care about.

3. Partner as Donors: 

- Prioritize your giving strategy. 

- Help us launch offices in South Jersey. 

Converge business model Exercise:

I. Assets we have or will acquire

  1. Website with searchable listing of a wide variety of social good projects around the world needing volunteers/interns 
  2. Global network of colleagues at 1000 operating locations in 160 countries to validate project partner hosts
  3. Experience leading 75 internships to 35 countries from over 100 colleges in 9 countries.
  4. Structured and Flexible online course on Coursesites (by Blackboard) with 50 short instructional videos of several experienced missional leaders around the world

II. Human resources we will contribute or hire

a. Office Manager: Currently a volunteer is serving this role. Streamline communications, schedule high level appointments and events, coordinate student application processes. This person will be a strategic member of the leadership team; Supporting and Training Full Time & Part Time Personnel, Insurance, etc.

b. IT Administrator: Manage, coach and support operations and development. Ensure networks and applications meet service levels and ensuring deadlines of projects are met both in logistics and development. Collaborate with leadership team to diagnose problems, then, create and implement quick and effective solutions to problems and prevent future problems.

c. Director of Marketing: This person will be a strategic member of the leadership team; Content Marketing, PR Messaging, Research, Student Engagement, Events, Media, Support

d. Director of Education and Community Development: This person will be a strategic member of the leadership team; Coursesite management, Academics, Curriculum.

e. Writer for Content Marketing: Blogs, Field Reports, PR, generate banners, marketing page content, tweets, FB posts, etc. This person will report to the Director of Marketing.

f. Support Evangelist: Respond to student inquiries/special needs.  Reports to Office Manager.

g. Mentor Support: This position is currently filled with a part-time volunteer. Recruiting,Training, Support. This person will report to the Director of Education. Identifying and Equipping Mentors for effective engagement with students in coursesite.

h. Field Host Support: This position is currently filled with a part-time volunteer. Identifying, Inviting, Supporting new Field Host partners. This person will report to the Office Manager. 

i. Accountant: This position is currently filled with a part-time volunteer. Daily bookkeeping, regular reporting, receipting.

III. Our "customers" are Students/Volunteers who get personalized training and placement with projects they are passionate about. 

Value: Vocational coaching with life-transforming experience serving a cross-cultural  community in the context of their field of study.

IV. Hard Part, Unique Part, and Repeated Part:

A. The hard part: Getting sufficient numbers of Field Hosts to sign on to accept Student Volunteers related to their field of studies. 

B. The unique feature is the High Level Learning that takes place duing the Assessment Phase of the Course: Student Volunteers learn how to learn in a cross-cultural setting. They learn how to observe, listen, and serve an ongoing project in a community seeking assistance. THEN, after this Assessment Phase, the Student Volunteer will negotiates a personal Field Project Assignment that meets a felt need, and which they will be able to complete before the end of their time serving the the Field Project.

C. The repeated part, what we will do again and again: We will celebrate small wins. We will regularly report through photos, testimonies, and videos the real change that Student Volunteers are making, that Hosts are experiencing in their communities, that Mentors are witnessing in the lives of Student Volunteers, and the joy that Donors are experiencing in the value of their contributions.

For more information, contact:

John Henry, Youth With A Mission-Converge, PO Box 1526, Ocean City, NJ 08226. Tel: 608-239-1642  Email: [email protected]  Web: uofnsmc.net


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