Contrast, Line, and Color

Contrast, Line, and Color - student project

Hi! First of all thank you so much for this class! I am a complete beginner to design, I have been doing illustrations for less than a year now and am experimenting with mediums and styles. I made 3 scavenger hunt boards and I can see a pattern forming in some but even after the class lack the eye to figure out what EXACTLY draws me to some of the pieces. I would love feedback on how I could use these preferences in my own work!


Contrast, Line, and Color - image 1 - student projectI wanted to do contrast because it is something I have an easier time seeing and understanding. I know in a lot of these pieces I really love the contrast of simple shapes and colors with real or surreal images.  I also love the contrast of a bright color on top of greys or black and whites for a pop. The more abstract piece caught my eye and I think it was because of the dark black smear on top of everything standing out. 


Contrast, Line, and Color - image 2 - student projectThis one was a bit tricky for me because all of these stood out to me for their line work but almost all in very different ways. I love the idea of line work roughly outlining color but not being exact. In the bottom left I liked the geometric line work partly covering the picture and partly being on white page. 


Contrast, Line, and Color - image 3 - student projectThis one was actually pretty straight forward for me. In my clothes, accessories, illustrations, I love pastel pinks blues and greens and I really love how they look contrasted on black and white.

All Together, my final collage:

Contrast, Line, and Color - image 4 - student project