Juan J Muñoz O






JA: I think, overall, light is better than dark. Light allows you to see. Light creates color. Light brings life. Light does not require electricity. We should go back to living naturally in light instead of living artificially in darkness.

JJ: You're wrong. Darkness is better than light. Without darkness there is no light. Light gives life and color and sight but without darkness light cannot be appreciated. The best type of light is that which exists in the darkness.

Visual treatment:

-Opening title scene: half of the screen shows a beautiful prairie bathed in morning sunlight. The other half is black (or maybe a scene thats been tried to film in nature without light). 

- Title: Light or dark?

- Second scene: Time lapse of the the same prairie, movement of grass, flowers, trees and leaves.

- Voice over: JA's dialogue.

- Third scene: Dark scene. Voice over of JJ's dialogue. As the dialogue progresses lamps are turned on to reveal life, art, etc.

- Closing scene: night, people interacting, dancing, having a good time, people working, talking, creating, living. 

- Closing text: Contradiction is an exercise in innovation. Master it.


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