Contract & Proposal Draft (Web Oriented)

Contract & Proposal Draft (Web Oriented) - student project

My goal here was to nail down the often repeatable terms and sometimes too complex details of a Website project. I also wanted to keep the template open enough to accomodate illustration and graphic design projects (I've already used it on one, successfully!). I've had proposals and contracts I worked from in the past but was never happy with them, so my ultimate goal was to make the proposal and contract writing stage more enjoyable -- rather than the part of a project I loathe.

I was able to use a lot from Margot's T&C's section; I also found the perspective of transperancy and client illumination very rewarding and useful. I'll now make sure to make it as clear as possible what I do because it only helps me later on in client communication.

Any feedback you guys share would be a pleasant surprise, thanks in advance! 

Project Proposal & Contract Template

/* 5/8/13 Update -------- */

Fixed spelling mistake (*copywriting)

Added additional information regarding maintenance / debuggin hours

Duncan Falk

Interactive Designer / Developer