Contract Outline

Contract Outline - student project

I begin projects by meeting with clients and then also having them fill out a questionaire to obtain as much information about the client and their design needs beforehand. I haven't been taking the steps that Margot outlined in the slideshow, where you list out and break down project tasks. I think that's a great way to approach the project and I'm sure makes writing the contract easier!

I had cobbled together a contract based on the AIGA one combined with one from Andy Clarke, found here: really like the layout of Margot's contract, so I've created an outline for my own based on the boilerplate and contract shown in the slideshow. I hope this is okay? I would of course create my own design in InDesign that reflects my freelance moniker, Curious Mustard :) 

Here's the outline for my contract, on Google Docs.

Client Questionaire

The client questionaire comes from questions I created and questions from Mike Monteiro's client screener referenced in Design is a Job. I don't send all questions to every client, I may remove some questions that aren't relevant to a particular client. For instance, I've mostly worked with small business owners so they don't usually have to answer to anyone else, so I leave out the questions on outside partners/who's making decisions/etc. 

Client Questionaire on Google Docs.

Jen Hubbard

Visual Designer