Contours/Foreshortening - student project


Something to note, is all of the images here are edited. My phone camera is awful and takes dim photos even in sunlight, so I had to do my best to try and make these look as the do in person. Hopefully that doesn't interfere with critiquing them.

I didn't submit the first project here. I had the understanding that it wasn't important that anyone see it, but I will add it if asked. 



for the second project "the block in": Since I didn't submit these at first, I had to go back and find them. I think I did few apple/lemon drawings besides what I have here, but I couldn't find them. 

I experimented a lot with the gravy bowl, trying to draw it by figuring out it form, but I found myself most successful drawing it but angle sighting and blocking in. It took me hours to complete however, so I wasn't exactly efficient.

The three object I drew together took me around four hours or more to complete. I don't feel I really finished it, but it had gotten late in the day I was working on it, and drawing it had been such a struggle that I didn't want to mess with it any more. Maybe I was trying to hard to draw things perfectly, I think if I loosened up and put some more confidence in my lines, this could have turned out better. Then again, maybe being as accurate as possible was important to my development.

Contours/Foreshortening - image 1 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 2 - student project

Contours/Foreshortening - image 3 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 4 - student project

For the third project: These are three different potatoes that I found interesting enough to draw. These potatoes didn't seem to easily simplify into basic volumes, so I mostly relied on the block in process, then created volumes with the rough contours I created. The drawings are ordered from newest to oldest.

Contours/Foreshortening - image 5 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 6 - student project
Contours/Foreshortening - image 7 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 8 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 9 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 10 - student project


for the fourth project "cross contours": Not much to say here, I did drawings of an apple with contours on it. I struggles with the line weight a lot, and I'm not sure why. I just couldn't seem to figure out where to darken lines and where to fade them. I'll have to re-visit this at some point, or perhaps I'll just improve on it as I encounter this situation again.Contours/Foreshortening - image 11 - student project

Contours/Foreshortening - image 12 - student project

for the fifth project "foreshortening": For me, this was the most entertaining project to work on. I still have a long way to go as far as my line quality, but looking at the first couple potatoes I drew from the last project, I believe I've improved quite a bit (some input on this would be appreciated)

Contours/Foreshortening - image 13 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 14 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 15 - student projectContours/Foreshortening - image 16 - student project