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Dora Cuenca

Artist & student for life



Contour drawings & botanicals with Procreate. Keeping it simple!

Explore, play and learn Procreate without the pressure to “generate ideas”. Creativity will come to you naturally as you advance in the class.

For the project you will make a contour drawing and adorn it with botanical elements, using both pictures and drawings.

I’ll guide you on how to make your project unique. This is a class for all levels. Great for beginners and a fun quick project for more advanced users of Procreate.

Along the way you will learn the very basics for using Procreate:

  • Importing files

  • Creating a stack

  • Create a custom canvas

  • Get to know your brushes

  • Practice Procreate : using the workbook

  • Curate your color palette

  • Practice Contour drawing

  • Source, select, cut & draw your botanical shapes

  • How to arrange your elements and have fun

  • Creating several pieces from one idea

  • Export your piece: for web or print.

I will also share tips on improving your workflow.

There’s something really beautiful about contour drawing. The simplicity in the lines gives it a lightness and playfulness & the added botanical motifs give the piece texture and color, while maintaining the organic feel. To practice contour drawing feels therapeutic in my personal experience. And it can be the perfect piece to decorate your home!

Bonus:  I’ll share more ideas for projects and tips on finding inspiration.

I encourage you to share pictures of your process. Ask questions. And share multiple results of your project! Let’s keep each other inspired. Let’s keep playing with Procreate.

Can’t wait to see what you make!


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