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Contour Hooligans

Contour Hooligans

I'm currently working with two other partners (one of which is my brother). Having started this brand in 2009 from the ground up it's matured into a staple brand name within the dance and hip hop community. It's acquired over 11.5k likes on Facebook and half a million unique visits to the website. Celebrities such as SkyBlu, Marques Houston, and Lil Twist have been seen wearing it on their music videos and on the street.

So far this has been a hobby for me and I have contributed part time. I work fulltime as a web developer at an ad agency called TBWA\Chiat\Day. I did this clothing line because it's fun and I always enjoy the challenge.


I chose Nox, the owl, as our mascot to represent the brand because of specific features. 

First, Nox is short for nocturnal which represents the passion of hustlers that will work without needing to sleep. Our slogan, "break necks", ties in with the Nox's ability to turn it's neck 270 degrees. Finally, he hoots in the name of Hoo-ligans.

Here were a few designs from our conception phase.

Ultimately, I chose the most simple rendition to keep the brand easily recognizable.

Brand Experience 

Whenever we attend events, we set up a photobooth to encourage our fans to visit our Facebook page to retrieve their photos. To continue the brand experience, we regularly hold contests on Facebook to encourage participation from our fans.


As the Creative Director I've designed and led the creative direction on many of the designs which aren't limited to just graphic tees. I've also dwelved into manufacturing with China to produce many custom cut and sew goods.

Web Design and Development

One of my hobbies is web design. I developed the website using HTML, CSS (Sass), and javascript. Designed responsively (using a mobile first approach). You can visit the website here:

Celebrity Endorsements

With our connections in the dance community, we've had access to a few celebrities that enjoyed wearing our gear.

SkyBlu of LMFAO wearing our custom swacks (sweats + slacks pants)

SkyBlu on Jay Leno

Lil Twist in the Rich Mahogany crew

Marques Houston wearing our swacks

Marques Houston in the Industry crew


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