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Content Strategy of "Making it Cool"

Hi there everyone! I'm excited to be part of the class and looking forward to hearing all your comments.

Why do you want to start your business?

I've been a writer for a long time and the manager of a couple of social media campaigns. I understand that businesses have to take many clients and some have to take whatever clients come. I want to be in a position to write and work with clients I enjoy. I also firmly believe that I shouldn't have to show up somewhere to work and that work shouldn't dictate when I get stuff done. I like working hard, but I don't like punching a clock.

What is unique about your business idea?

Though I can write in many voices, my favorite is to gear it towards Millenials with a sense of humor and fun without losing the information that can come through. Many businesses and companies want to connect with the coveted demographic, but many can't break out of their jargon and biz speech to do so. I would, basically, translate. I'm a Millennial writing for Millennials, time tested by managing blogs and campaigns for them (I managed blogs, twitter, FB for the Young Professionals of Chicago and am now recruiting for Millennials for two non-profits here: Girl Scouts of Western Washington and The World Is Fun, which tries to get people to volunteer as a habit).

So, the basic kernel of the business would be to either A) take what they have and put it into a lighter, more approachable voice or B) to create from whole cloth something that will appeal to the Millennial crowd (and some older, fun loving folk, too). There would obviously be different price points for whether this is just training someone else or doing it myself. There would also be differen price points for social media add-ons. 

Strengths and Weaknesses:

I love writing and communicating, so that's a strength. I also tend to be a people person. I like getting work done quickly and well.

Where I struggle is in visual stuff: design and artwork, which is part of the idea of content strategy. I also am a strategic thinker rather than a tactical thinker, which doesn't work with all clients. And, though I understand numbers and accounting, I am bored when I have to do them.

Long term goal:

My short term goal is for it to be a rather lucrative side project segueing into a bigger full-time job. I'd like to have a business that can sustain me and give me interesting work to do, but I don't have to have that right away as I am under contract to do consulting work til the end of the year on another project,

Financially viable?

I have the luxury of not having to have to make money RIGHT NOW with this as I have some other things going on through the end of the year and I'll be teaching some online classes through the summer. I would like to have the framework. 

I have some friends who do this type of work and it is very financially viable. The rates you can get as a consultant fit with my financial goals. The time I have to take to build the business will be time that I am taking right now. So, with that in mind, I think this will be a good project.


I will have to get back to you on this, but can't wait to see everyone's projects!


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