Contact Case

Contact Case - student project

Hey Guys!

First off, just let me say that I am super stoked to be involved in this class, there are already some great looking projects shaping up, and the contect provided by Mr.Contino is amazing! Should be a great experience. 

I was originally going to work on some sort of apparel-based label. Maybe the leather patch on the back of a nice pair of raw denim, or a vintage inspired hangtag. I was pretty close to going with one of those two, when I kind of just had this idea to design a label for a contact case. As far as I'm aware, most contact cases look like the cover photo of my project. Although they are simple and get the job done, they are something that many people (including myself) interact with everyday, and I figured it'd be a nice change to create one with a little more flair. 

I've got two possible directions to go in right now. One in which the case would be kind of matchbook-inspired, very rough, vintage, mostly hand-drawn type. The other a kind of retro, playful, mint-tin inspired look, maybe with a more illustrative focus. I've split up my mood board to show the two sides, and will probably end up with a sketch for each, and then choose from there which one I would like to go with. If all goes well, I may even look into actually creating one of these for daily use. 

Thanks for checking it out, and let me know what you think, and which direction you would go in!


Contact Case - image 1 - student project