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I had an image I created earlier of a toaster pig that has bacon coming out of it.  At first, it was sorta just a cute thing, but as I thought more about the concept I found that it was kinda morbid: a mechanical representation of an animal that's devouring/consuming/cooking an actual pig part.  

Right now, I'm playing a lot with the concept of processing for consumption.

Here are some of the images/ideas that I'm mulling over:

With this, I'm thinking about people being consumed by a sort of living meat grinder creature and some sort of product coming out the other side.  Or possibly instead of people just other interesting relationships of before and after processing.  I like the idea of how this mimicks digestive processes... take something appetizing and delicious then turning it into puke or crap. I dunno, it sorta reads as... too overt, maybe?  Suggestions?

Another set:

With these images, I'm sorta thinking of a dollhouse setup with glass/clear plastic walls but of an office floor.  So think office furniture and little posable people figurines.  I think this interests me for the idea of having the freedom to make whatever setup you want inside, but still within some form of confinement.  The clear exterior emphasizes that weird voyeuristic/godlike status of person to figurines.  I like the idea of modification for this one to have any sorts of weird scenarios or whatever for artists to play around with.

This next set is just purely stuff that is aesthetically interesting to me.  I'm inspired by the artworks of Kazuma Kaneko and the fashion of Alexander McQueen.  I enjoy the treatment of people and outfits but with a slightly nightmarish twist.  I'm thinking of doing something like fashion meets animal bones with a surreal sort of imagery with graphic patterns and prints.

So yeah, that's what I got so far.  Suggestions? Thoughts?


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