Construction Products Europe

Hey world,

So I am living in Brussels at the moment and when I'm not being distracted by waffles and chocolate, I am working for an European association that represents the interests of, quelle surprise, the construction products industry. And while this may not be the most creative of industries, a few have realised the error of their ways and are trying to make their identity a little more...engaging. One of these few includes my Belgian boss, Christophe, who has hired me for communications, so along with a new logo and completely redesigned website we will be having a blog as well.

Although fresh out of university, fluent in english, and able to use twitter (qualifications enough for my boss), the prospect of creating a blog from scratch was a little daunting, so hopefully joining this group will give the support needed for such a task.

Fist lesson done, I am excited for the next one. And I get to do all this in working hours. Winner.

p.s. sorry I haven't got a more tantalising image, I'm slightly low on interesting pictures of concrete, but once we have our new logo (I've seen the first drafts-it will be awesome), you guys will be the first to see it! 

Ok, Project update for 2nd weeks work, which is slightly delayed.See below:

I deliberately haven't done too much to the theme as I don't know what our website design looks like yet. We will have the blog in a similar theme as our website so I'm going to have to wait until the website is up and running until I can make the blog look pretty!


But so far I've created the menus and played around with the widgets as well as download plugins as per the weeks videos. I've also upladed our new logo, whoop! it's not finalised but I thought i'd share :)


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