Console Vignette

Console Vignette - student project

Quiz results:

      Mostly - Modern Glam, Scandi, 70's

      Also - Zen, Contemporary, Industrial, Midcentury Modern

Vignette Breakdown:

      Modern Glam - gold toucans, blue velvet matting, gold + marble coasters, gold matting

      Scandi/Zen - wood bowl, white wall + console top, white books, plants, console shape

      Industrial - cast iron pot, concrete pot

      70's? - pink skull, eyeball painting, blue vase, turquoise brushed metal frame

      Mid Mod? - wood bowl, blue vase, concrete pot

      Rustic/Traditional - light teal mirror frame

      Contemporary - ?

Want to change (cheap or free):

      Mirror frame - white; lime green; white with thin line of black; deep, rich teal

      Eyeball painting - watercolor with lime green; shibori; check fabric supply; go thru watercolors; watercolor with some orange, pink + red

      Wood Bowl - replace with angular, lighter wood bowl/box