Consistently Kaizen

OK... this isn't going to be creative or exciting, but it's what I need to do.

I'm going to stick to a plan once I've created it.

That's it.  For example:

1.) I will complete this introductory course.

2.) I will continue with the 100 push up program.

3.) I will continue with maintenance runs, 3-4 times a week, until I start training for my next marathon.

When I first joined Fitocracy, I severly <strike>under</strike>overestimated my fitness abilities.  This lead to setting goals that were waaaaay too high for myself, and would therefore drop out of whatever training I'd chosen within a couple of weeks of trying for it.  I'd see people lifting seriously heavy, or running super fast, and then fail when I tried to match it.  I thought that made me a failure.

I've made major progress in my fitness (feel better emotionally and physically, and getting compliments on my healthier appearance), but I know I could do better if I built myself up, rather than tearing myself down.  And I know that while I've failed at multiple things, I'm not a failure.  I just need to change my approach.

So I'm doing the three above things as a basic (re)beginning.  And taking a kaizen (one small step at a time) approach from there.


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