Consistency practice

Consistency practice - student project


I really struggle with following guidelines. I have always been a free spirit when it comes to my handwriting. I chose modern calligraphy because there were not as many rules. As much as I would love to learn a more formal type like Copperplate or Spencerian it just isn’t in my nature no matter how hard I try. So I reworked this piece from last week. 



the main thing was the n was way too close to the g and the l too close to the o. also the I wasn’t connected to the a.

Consistency practice - image 1 - student project



I really liked the l in the original but had trouble with it in the second piece, I also should have ended the l a little higher. It is more consistent but feels a bit forced. I am hoping that feeling goes away with more practice. 


Consistency practice - image 2 - student project


Shannon Foster
Always wanting to learn something new.