Neil Parikh

Founder, Consignd & WaterWalla




1. 2-3 sentences de?ning the problem you’re solving:
Bloggers & influencers currently have very limited ways to monetize their taste other than sponsorships & ads. They occasionally use their influence to help people sell things online, but the process is cumbersome and involves managing lots of logistics between buyer, seller, and the blogger. Readers consume bloggers' content, but usually can't buy the things written about directly, thus leaving an open loop.

2. 2-3 sentences on what differentiates your company
Consignd allows anyone (individuals, brands, designers or retailers) to virtually consign items to influencers' collections on our site. If accepted & sold, merchants ship directly to buyers and bloggers don't ever need to hold inventory, only select what they like based on taste. Today's eCommerce models lay bloggers on top of existing pools of inventory--Consignd flips the model on its head by allowing influencers to pick from items submitted to them, thus monetizing their taste and further engaging their audience.

3. 2-3 sentences articulating what motivates you
As a team of blog readers, we've watched bloggers and editors become the internet's equivalents of retail middlemen. In filtering the web's endless product offerings, they are increasingly responsible for consumer inspiration. While this is old news for brands and advertisers, the compensation mechanisms for these influencers have changed little since affiliate links were introduced in 1996. With the growing power of 'the influencer' across platforms like Pinterest, Copious and Svpply, Consignd seeks to redefine these personalities as e-commerce *destinations* rather than conduits.

4. A list of your top 4-5 competitors, big or small
Looking forward to the feedback! You can reach out to us directly at: [email protected] if you'd like, and visit for a visual description.


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