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Conservatory Rain

For this project I chose a photo that I took at the Muttart conservatory— the light was gorgeous but the in-camera photo left something to be desired. Below is the original photograph, followed by three very different processed versions. 

My favourite by far, this version removes all colour, leaving the eye free to notice the grainy, pillow-like texture of the leaf, with its veins and arteries, and to notice how each tiny droplet perches on the surface. The higher contrast adds drama and a slight vignette creates a sense of intimacy. 

To me, this edit is evocative of the seventies, which to me — a nineties baby — feels undersaturated and grainy. Not my favourite film era, to be sure. 

Here I chose a contrasty blue-green filter and brought out the green and blue even more using Tint and Temperature for a more dramatic impact. The colour is the main focus of this photo. 


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