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Conservatory Kat

Located in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park district dwells a glass domed victorian style greenhouse that showcases thousands of the world's tropical palms, ferns, and if you like orchids- you're in luck! If you happen to visit the Lincoln Park Conservatory and see a young lady occupying a bench working on her craft, feel free to inquire. She'll welcome your curiosity. 



Kat is a self proclaimed hobbyist who's always in search of her next creative outlet. Although embroidery is the current buzz on her Etsy, she's known to whip up some pretty cool sketches and has recently fallen in love with insect taxidermy. The conservatory not only offers Kat a tranquil environment to clear her mind, but it continues to serve as an inspiration for her future projects. While client orders are keeping her busy, she hopes to add "conservatory volunteer" to her many accomplishments in the near future.


I had the pleasure of catching up with a former colleague and friend on a foggy Saturday morning to escape the city hustle and transport into her safe haven. Kat Kasatsky is a Chicago based artist and founder of Inknhoney which produces custom handmade goods to make your life a bit more interesting. 




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