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Kristin Nicholson

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Consensual Hearts

The idea for this pin (hopefully a series one day) came from 'Conversation hearts'. I thought it might be cheeky and timely to create pins promoting 'Consensual language'. I'm struggling slightly with coming up with what copy I want to use. It can be a sensitive topic and I don't want it to come across as a joke. 

I didn't need to hand sketch anything bc fortunately I've chosen a simple shape. I fiddled around slightly in illustrator with different heart shapes, but I had a pretty clear vision as to what I wanted.  

Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed! 

Mockup instructions: 

•Take your design into Photoshop. When you paste it, select 'Pixel' in the pop-up menu. 

•Go to Select>Colour range. With the supplied eye dropper select your border colour, and hit ok.

•CMD+SHIFT+J. This will create a new layer from what you just selected. Double click on the new layer to bring up the 'Layer styles' panel.

•Apply a gradient, drop shadow and a bevel. (See images below for my settings. Play around with them to make it work for your design.)

(You can also add a bevel to the inner colour(s), but set the bevel to down)




Final Mockup:



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