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Conscious Business Scotland

 Scotland has always been at the forefront of change and the  world changing faster than ever before. We have had the Scottish Agricultural Revolution which  began in the seventeenth century and around the same time we had the Industrial Revolution  and the Scottish Enlightenment.  The Wealth of Nations was published by Adam Smith, the effects of which spread far beyond Scotland, because its ideas and attitudes were carried across the Atlantic as part of the Scottish diaspora.

It’s now time for a Conscious Revolution were organisations are measured by a triple people planet alongside profit.“The dynamic nature of organisations means their systems need to be able to self-organize so they can generate the capacity to cope with fast-paced change (Wheatley, 1999). Characteristics of self-organization include self-reference based on organisational purpous, accurate information that flows freely throughout the organisation, and interdependent relationships built on trust and connectedness. Changes happens through dialogue, collaboration, participate leadership and harvesting the wisdom of all stakeholders.

Conscious Business Scotland will be  a social enterprise to “start a conscious revolution for future business and organisational success” that will “inspire, educate and support Scottish businesses to launch, grow, thrive and prosper using conscious business principles.”

My ‘ah ha’ MOMENTs

Art of Hosting I knew right then and there that I could lead a revolution to change the paradigm and make business a force for good in the world. The21stCentury Business Paradigm reflects a People Planet and Profit


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