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Conscience control.

Ah, Before and after. Interesting theme, more interesting (exciting?) consequences. :)

It started with me brainstorming about the theme Before/ after.This is the final page.


I was toying with the basic idea of me evolving as an artist and my ideologies changing over a period of time. I was reading an article the other day on how one's conscience and inner values+culture reflects in one's art. I have always imagined these abstract notions of existing in the form of actual human beings. Therefore, I tried to curate an art piece revolving around that.

At first,  I made the illustration in such a way that it looked like it was seen from the conscience's perspective. But decided to scrap it as because it didn't move me as much I had wished for it to. Here's a gouache mock up. 


  After that, I Made another sketch and decided to go ahead with that idea.

The idea revolved around the fact that my conscience/future-self is playing out memories that would eventually lead me to become an artist. 

The following sketches were made with different materials such as graphite, ink, pens, paint etc. Using these sketches I put together the final illustration along with a couple of digital block-ins.




In the final illustration, I added halftones and pencil marks to the conscience and darkened his face a bit in order to preserve it's/his anonymity. In the foreground, I showed the current events or memories being played out with the eyes acting as the spectators to my work.

Here it is:


Although I wasn't quite satisfied from the gut after completing this illustration and wanted to work a bit more on it but had to stop here as because my final examinations start this week. Sigh, I guess every illustration is at some stage of being incomplete, right?

Also, on another note, learning through this class has been an absolute blast, and thank you, Roman, for leaving me massively inspired after completing it. 

Love, Debangshu.


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