Connor's Game Plan!

My best qualities:

1) I'm intelligent.

2) I'm Honest.

3) I have a decent sense of humour.

4) I'm compassionate towards others.

5) I'm a good listener.


What do I have to offer?

I will be offering honest and detailed book reviews from another creative perspective. (in the fiction category)


How can I merge my personality with this?

I plan to make my reviews as honest and personal as possible. By this, I mean that I will take the time to comment on set characters, locations, scenes etc. I refuse to trash anyone as it is just unnecessary. I will give negative feedback if required but I will never make a mockery of someone else's work. Especially online. I will also splice in my humour through the use of much needed comedy, extended metaphors and sarcasm. (Because who doesn't love sarcasm?) Not evil sarcasm. Good sarcasm.

Is there such a thing as "Good sarcasm" ?

Oh well. If not, I will make it a thing!


My target audience is: Young Adult/New Adult readers who enjoy fictional stories which contain a lot of violence and a lot of blood. Lots and lots of blood. Like I can't stress how much blood there will be. Insane amounts. There, I did it.


I will post content on Twitter, Facebook and on Tumblr on Friday's. My main platfrom will be twitter.


I plan to gain followers through engaging with other readers and writers who share my interests, who are in my genre and of course, my target audience.








Thank you so much, Jenna.



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