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Connoisseur Fashion

Name: Connoisseur Fashion

Slogan: "Giving Every Great Idea An Opportunity"


Instagram:  @connoisseurfashion

Connoisseur is an urban fashion brand based in Nashville, TN. Connoisseur is a lifestyle that simply informs our customers that they are experts at their own personal style and we pride ourselves in creating quality clothing.

The “Home Glory” is now available on! This tee is  was designed in remembrance of our one year anniversary. Connoisseur… Giving every great idea an opportunity!

The Rebirth Collection was about developing our ideas and developing a new identity for the brand. I came up with the idea of "The Rebirth" which means revival it originated from the Rennaisance Era and also relates to my brand name "Connoisseur". 

We incorporated these ideas with the Cherub, which symbloizes a new beginning, and the roman numeral 13 which is the year we launched the collection.

We are mainly influenced by innovators, musicians, heroes, athletics and the many artists that have come before our time. Our creative concepts and ideas come from music, poetry, sports, painters, sculptors and the ethics from the urban culture.


#Conns is a short abbreviation for Connoisseur we use amongst ourselves, a #Conn is someone who is the master of their domain.

"The “Tri-Fector" design was meant to show gratitude to the 2013 presidential election. It was a concept I came up with to embrace the American/ Urban culture at the same time. I thought it would inspire the youth to exercise their right to vote." - Mose Jobe, III (Graphic Designer for Connoisseur)


“Our mission is to NOT let our people feel obligated by any trends, but to have a sense of creative freedom with confidence”. – Connoisseur Fashion


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