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Connections to Ordinary Citizens

Starfire is a non-profit in Cincinnati that is telling a new story about disability and community. This past year our work is focused on primarily on building relationships with people based on common interest. This is our story of how the worked has shifted in 2012 and connections made a result.

  • There have been an average of 8 new connections per member at Starfire U
  • 22% of our 10,000 of service were member -driven
  • We have a total of 39 completed collaboration projects
  • valued roles
  • PATH meetings
  • # of community partners
  • # of volunteers
  • # of connectors

Supplemental Data

  • # of neighborhoods represented based on membership
  • evening Gatherings with an average # attendance
  • We were excited to see the first collaboration projects completed
  • new momentum reaching out to parents
  • lots of sit down conversations on new direction


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