Connection - student project


Conveying movement and color

A language associated with a connection

Not a verbal connection, but a connection of an innerself

A connection with the depth that everyone can coerce with

Connection - image 1 - student project


My name is John Gourley, I'm an Irish abstract oil painter based in Barcelona. I've been painting for over six years now, developing a style that allows me to show a much deeper view into my expressionistic work.

Only this past year, have I been trying to different ways to incorporate my style into something accessible for an online community, platforms or businesses; not only to sell and make a living but to also expand my skills online and try to open new markets for myself.


Connection - image 2 - student project


Connection - image 3 - student project



Connection - image 4 - student project


I will try to reach out to more galleries and I have already made some commissions, but large canvases of artwork are expensive and it is difficult to keep producing because they take a lot of time.


At this moment I want to take my style, find what colors and expressions work best and create playful imagery. For example, not just cards, original prints, but also digital backgrounds, music videos. I want to create new avenues to change how I produce. 

This is my work. This is my project.




Connection - image 5 - student project

John Gourley

Irish abstract artist based in Barcelona