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Connecting to my roots a Rangers FC redesign


My name is James, im from Minnesota, and im an avid sports fan. I grew up playing soccer(football ;) ) as a kid to 18 and enjoyed many aspects of the game, from the teams crests and kits. To the overall passion for the game and connections the fans made to their teams. Fans bled the colors, chanted and shouted in joy when they won and wept when thier team lost... Design has always been a passion and I connect it with my strong love for sport logos and watching games growing up, but all lights have a dark side, as i grew older my connection to soccer became weaker and weaker but becoming a designer has changed that....

I have come to rehinder my love of the game and create a kit for the Rangers FC. I picked this team because my ancestors were from scotland and their logos and kits have always popped out at me along with a few other teams. This project will be a redesign of their home, away and 3rd kits, and would love to take it further and get the scarfs and goalie jersey done aswel for the final iteration.

The bigest challane for me on this project will be the initial research about the club from the many years of disconnect i had in the sport. but a few things i would like to try out are.... Collars, minimal stripes kind of like this kit from 97-98

but i would like to make it long sleve and use their other crest (depicted below)

The Ranger FC 3rd kit (2012-13) is also another kit i will be pulling inspiration from for its bright blue color, and genral overall look and feel.

I would also like to add the crest from the jersey above onto their socks or play with the scale of the red lion figure overlapping or warping around parts. I look forward to hearing feedback and critisim and seeing what this class has entailed in the next few weeks.




Above is a collection of imaes used in my mood board for this jersey redesign, upon research I have found out this team is all about tradition, pride, and the fans are the heart of the club. They have used the saying "Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever" in the past few years after switching to sfl3, they used to play spl but moved down in the 11-12 season, this year they are making their rise back to spl by playing in the sfl2 series.


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