Connecting the World

Connecting the World - student project

Voice over Internet Protocol has the potential to change the way we communicate by converging text, voice and video in a cost effective manner.  The market size and growth potential of VoIP has already started to influence the demand for the building blocks that enable the construction of this new data network. GASHIE is a company inspired by a genuine desire to challenge the network operators and their insistence on exorbitant international calling rates. GASHIE is an early stage technology startup Company, which will be based in Newark, New Jersey USA. This new business is a proposed voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) platform that will provide low-cost local and international calling services to our customers in our target market, utilizing their mobile and landline. GASHIE offers its users the chance to make incredibly low-cost (or even free) mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-landline international calls, text messaging and photo sharing.

The Map
1. List all major “players” in the system (eg. a marketplace may have two major players: buyers & sellers)

  1. a.     Online shoppers/consumers
  2. User who want to make international calls.

2. List out any selfish reasons why each player would need their contacts/friends to join the service

a. Online shoppers/consumers - want to pay less for making international calls by referring their friends or inviting them to sign up for the platform.

3. List out all things you could possibly charge each player for on the service

a. Online shoppers/consumers – We will charge a pay as you go subscription.

4. For 2 and 3 above give a very short reason you think the player would be motivated to need their contact or pay for the service.

Our player will highly be motivated to use our platform because its cheaper that the competition and it allows our users to talk, text, video chat with there are loved ones wherever.

{{see above in section 2 and 3}}

{{Second week parts}}
5. List the channels (email, facebook, text message, etc.) that you will send your users’ invites through and how you will get that contact data
6. Create what those invites will look like