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#ConnectSavannah - Positive or Negative?



Although I'm an Entertainment and Media Studies major at the University of Georgia (Film), I tend to be very interested in the psychology behind writing. For this project, I decided to take a Connect Savannah issue from the Savannah Morning newspaper and mark out each positive or negative segment I read in an article with a highlighter and pen. 

What was particularily fascinating was that although most articles appeared to have more negative traits, a lot of articles sounded more positive when being read. The conclusion that I came to is although a lot of writers choose to write more positive, there may be a lot of subliminally negative words or phrases that they would normally use to express themselves. 

After I entered in the data, I found that more authors/writers were negative in their writing with a few positive assets. This was the data that I compiled into a visualization. Enjoy!


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