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My #DesignThyself project is to Connect. I find myself too often tempted by the quick forms of communication that technology allow us, and forgoing the deep, meaningful exchanges that develop enhance relationships and help bring me closer to what makes life wonderful - the people I share it with.

The original plan: I'm going to take steps to connect and deepen my relationships with my friends and family. I've set a few goals to try to do this:

  • Once a day: do something more than text/like/comment to connect with someone
  • Once a week: call someone that I have not called recently

The new and improved plan: This new plan recognizes some of the trouble I ahve had in the past few weeks fulfilling my previous goals, and what I think is a more accurate understanding of how this process can actually be beneficial and meaningful.

  • Once a day write something to someone.
  • Take advantage of opportuniteis to further develop of brief writings to longer, more thoughtful interactions.
  • Recognize subjectively substantial interactions.
  • Keep reflecting.

This is an offshoot of a New Years' resolution I had to write one letter each week, which I missed as soon as week two of 2013 rolled around (oops!). So, what better time than now to pick it up again and make it happen!

The process is being documented on a Tumblr:


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