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Conmemoration number

Today I was in my research about Jorge Tadeo Lozano, who was one of the first zoologist in America. The University which I studied had his name in honor to his life and contributions to the knowlegde and to the liberty of my country from Spain. I don´t use this methodology very often, so I am curious about it. It is difficult to wait until tommorrow to make the drawings!36e72c35

T H E   S K E T C H E S

Today I was drawing the ideas. I chose to draw the numer 50 because these are the years that the design faculty had been working. I tried to use the snake concept in different ways. The most I liked was when the  cero is sorrounded by the animal. Inside the number I want to draw some flowers in honor to the botanical expedition in which Jorge Tadeo was participating. I would love to make the drawing today, but I have a lot of things to do in my studio.!13dee174

I spent the saturday morining drawing the final sketch. I used a super hard pencil to make the inicial drawing, and then I used my robot pencil to make the finals.


Today I am starting to make the digital drawing. I know I have some mistakes but I have to work in my studio projects all day long. But it is better because tommorow my eye could see different things on the drawing.


I find a  lot of things to improve. Thickness, shadows and aligment. But the most important thing I saw was that the background colour is so dark.


The final!!!

At the last moment I decided that the snake will be better as a detail...


I read the comment of getting more visible the flowers, so I spent all my morning making again the design. I think it is better. Much more contrast and more detail. And the color palette is more strong. This is my final before 15 days of hard working!



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