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I found out today that my friends have just got engaged so want to make a congrats GIF to celebrate. Thinking of maybe some champagne bubbles popping as the animation.


I've decided to go with a champagne popping animation so wanted a nice fancy script font for my congrats type (I went with the second from last one). Then im going to draw little circles popping around it for the final three images. 



I took on board Mete's super helpful comments and made my font a bit more structured. Its still pretty free because thats sort of my style. I think I was worried about over complicating the design so was trying to make it simple but again after Mete's suggestion I went back to my original ideas and went with a popping champagne bottle with the message coming out. 


I think the gold works really well with the texture. The background is a bit pixelly as all the textures I had had too much white in and they distracted from the sparkles. I kind of like it though, looks a bit like old leather. But open to suggestions there. 

And my final gif. Took me a while to get the flow right but think it works well now. Again any suggestions welcome!



After Mete's wise words I totally agree that my GIF needed a bit more of a celebratory vibe to it and basically started again! 

I flipped the image and added some foam and animated the bottle which took agesssssss but totally think its worth it. 

Really happy with the final and think its much better than the first attempt but still happy to take any suggestions. 


As requested here are the frame by frame shots. A total of 12 frames. It was just the 2nd and third frames that moved to animate the bottle and by using a fast frame speed the bottle appears to pop. 

For the congrats I used the final frame as a template and then just shrunk down the font and gradually blew it up along the same curve. Again this section has a slightly faster frame rate then the last sparkly ones to give it the sense of action. Hope this is useful!



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