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Congrats calligraphy

I have just started my calligraphic course about 2 month ago, so making smooth lines is a constant struggle. Nevertheles i'm fond of doing it! I'm a graphic designer and basically wanted to do smth with my hands. It's rather frustrating, when being kind of a superhero in photoshop you can't make anything handdrawn look like you want it. Then i realised  wanted to mix everything up. I've always been fascenated by hand-drawn digital art. 

Here's what i've done:

I haven't included scetches that i've put aside.

I also used parchment paper to outline my scetch. I'm have no lightbox and unfortunately i'm not skilled enough to redraw it just simply looking at it.

I didn't see my "g" collapsing before i scanned it! It's amazing how mind works! Thanks to photoshop it was an easy thing to fix.

Vectorisation was also rather easy after watching the video where all the oprions had been explained. Finally i got this:

I see my word is unbalanced: "C" stretches to the left and "s" doesn't counterweigh it, but it's too much for me to cope with. I'll try to make it better the next time with my "thank you" or "Welcome!" or something like that.

Thanks for looking! =)


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