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I've always respected Michael Crichton for his intensive research that goes into creating the immersive worlds of his novels. Having yet to read this book I'm sure that Congo will not disappoint in inspiring some wondrous letterform ideas!

Update | 11/14/13

Figured I'd go ahead and post some early concepts now that I'm a quarter throught the book and it's so dense!

Brief Synopsis (spoilers!)

Starting with a brief history on the exploration of the Congo to present day (a few decades ago), where a team of 8 hunt for a specific diamond that has an appealing electromagnetic pull. After a "skull crushing" incident the team is killed off, with their division in the United States reassembling a new team within 36 hours to investigate the situation from their disorganized yet horrific recollection of footage via satellite. Here are some of the keyword notes I've gotten so far.

And from that I've developed my first two concepts sketched out below. The first is inspired from the detailed accounts of the Congo jungle and ancient ruins Amy dreams of. The second concept is an elegant diamond rendition, to capture what lures people into the largely undiscovered territory.


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