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Leon Bolwerk

Graphic designer and illustrator




Hey, this is my project (and in a way my therapy) for now. I'm home from work at the moment, because I'm suffering from burnout. I've got a job as a graphic designer and while I like it very much it has been pulling at me very hard for a long time.

Next to graphic design I've been drawing my whole life. This has been a stress reliever since I can remember, so I've been doing this as a therapy. Apart from the burnout this is the time where I completely zone out and get caught up in drawing.  

My project is called "Confrontation". Let me explain. As a boy I've been bullied on for years. It's still haunts me in my everyday job and life as it is (causing my burnout). I thought this is a good way to express myself and guide me through therapy and a great remedy to get myself back up my feet and get even stronger. I've been picked on for too long and held back for years and this is my way to show the world what I'm made of. I consider myself a good artist and getting better everyday.

Although this piece doesn't have a character of me in it, it shows multiple characters fighting their inner demons and the power I have to overcome. The idea is to make a great and powerful graphic novel out of it.

I hope you are ready for "My story"! 

Edit: 20th May

So far I've cleaned up most of my sketch and adding in the details. Pretty happy what's going on in here. Really confronting my inner demons with this piece and in my opinion the best therapy at the moment. Hope you like it!


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