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Confined Sky

This class has opened all new doors for mobile photography for me!   This image was created with a few images already hanging out on my phone.  One from looking up through the trees on an early spring day at the park and one was of an awesome brick wall from some historic house I visited for another skillshare project!  I combined two layers of the bricks, flipped and screen layered, then I added the trees and played with those.  I took a final pass in VSCOcam for a little color tweeking.

Here's the two original images


Here's another image I played with which included a layer of my daughter with one of her friends on a pier, a textured, painted wall and a layer with a color gradient across the top.  I like how whimical it came out.  

I'm excited to try some of these techniques more in the future!  I'm going to try to add a still life in the next few weeks.


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