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Confetti S'il Vous Plait

Overview:  My best friend an I  created a small partyware/event planning business a little over a year ago. We've had some tiny success on Etsy, but feel like our branding needs to be fully flushed out. Right now our current logo and branding don't really carry well across multiple mediums, a hurdle when it comes to carrying over our identity from digital to  physical. 

(Current) Logo:

Our current logo is somewhat restricive. It leaves little room for variation dimension-wise, and doesn't play well with grayscale. I'll be simultaneously working through its issues as we work on the brand identity to help insure consistency. 


I'm happy with where things are going so far. The moodboard is really helping me to clarify which direction/tone we're striving for. 

We've settled on a logo (grayscale and reverse below) and are re-assesing colors. The project is taking a bit longer than I'd like, but it's this work now that will help ensure that we're not in a rebranding situation a year from now. 

 New Logo (Grayscale and Reverse):


Our goal with colors is to make sure that we're able to utilize all the colors. The yellow in our current color scheme, for example,  doesn't really lend itself to our web work, and in turn we end up leaning on the blue and pink a bit too much. We're also aiming to be a bit more gender friendly, meaning darker hues (no real loss here since our current colors are practically neon ;) )


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