Confabulando - student project

My name is Fernanda, I am Brazilian and I blog since 2004. In my blog, I write about all the things that I like, including music, tv shows, movies, books, design, fictional stories, personal stuff, travel, food and a lot more. My blog is everything that I am.

The name "Confabulando" translate into "confabulating" or "fabling", because I am a very imaginative and creative person and I like to talk (and write) about the things I truly love. That's the reason I maintain a blog for that long (more than 10 years)... It is my passion.

My content is written in Portuguese, but I plan to start writing posts in English too, so I can gain more readers and make my blog a little more well-known. 

This class really helped me to take my blog to a next level... So thank you, Morgan, for sharing your expertise! ;)

If you guys wanna visit my blog, please go to: You can translate the content to English, if you're interested in knowing what I am talking about.

Take care! <3

Fernanda N