Conectando a una sola Centro America. Connecting ONE Central America.

My name is Angela Maria Garcia, proud Honduran and advocate for uniting the Central American community in the USA. I have always been passionate about sports and got my bachelor´s degree in Sport Business with a minor in Marketing and Sales in sport. I worked in Major League Soccer-Houston Dynamo for over 2 years and in the past year joined the Camara de Comercio Centroamericana (Central American Chamber of Commerce). I have served as their Assistant Director of Marketing and Events. I am currently in the process of shifting career paths from customer service in sports to full-time marketing in the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area. 

At the beginning of this project page it asks for a Project Title. I could just be straight forward and simple or take the opportunity to create a tagline for the Camara de Comercio Centroamericana (CCCA) and make that my title. 

Before I start with the actual project assignment....I will brainstorm here for a TAGLINE.

What do I need for this tagline to be GREAT? Priority #1: Ability to use the tagline in both spanish and english. I will start by making a list of words in spanish that represent the organization´s mission and vision. 

SPANISH words: unidos, centroamericanos, una sola causa, una sola razon, avenida, promover, apoyar, desarollo de empresas, integrar, liderar, gremios, uno, siete, juntos, negocios, internacional, hispanos. 

Playing with the words: unidos para una sola causa, Cuando 7 paises se convierten en 1. De 7 a 1 para ser la potencia centroamericana. Integrar, liderar y promover el movimiento centroamericano. 7 a 1...no el resultado de brazil-alemania en el mundial no eso no jaja (inside joke). Promueve, apoya e integra TU comunidad! Promueve, apoya e integra Centroamerica. Aqui se integra, promueve y apoya a Centro America. Integra, promueve y apoya a TU Centro America. Apoya, integra y promueve a Centro America. Juntos podemos, adelante Centro America. Integrate a Centro America. Integra, Une y Apoya-CA siempre unidos.  

Central America: Integrate, unite & support, we are one.

Siempre juntos, siempre Centro America. Always together, always Central America. 

Unidos por una Centro America, United for one Central America. 

Integrate al movimiento Centro Americano. Join the Central American Movement. 

Integrate para una sola Centro America. Join in for ONE Central America. 

(way harder than I thought)...and I keep going. 

Conectate con Centro America. 

Conectando, integrando y apoyando a una sola Centro America. Connecting, integrating and supporting ONE Central America. .....the more I read it, the more I like this one. Hmmm. 

ONE Central America: Connecting, integrating & supporting. 

I like the spanish one but the english one not so sure about. 

Connecting ONE Central America. Conectando a una sola Centro America. I think I will go with this one! 

If you have any thoughts on the tagline....please let me know! 

I will continue with the project now. 

If it hasnt been obvious I chose CCCA as my brand. Why? Being a proud Honduran and as part of this organization it made complete sense. 

Listening to "Your Favorite Coffeehouse" station on Spotify...totally recommend it if you are working on a project! 

Choosing an event. This also served as a way for me to search top events coming up in the Central American community. I am between 2 very different type of events. 1. Latin Finance Conference to be held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 2. Ricardo Arjona concert to be held in Houston, TX. (Ricardo Arjona is a famous Guatemalan singer). I wish I could take a poll here. FYI Skillshare-Real-Time poll submission to participants?  

Latin Finance Conference: CCCA has been invited to participate and it is b2b marketing here. This would be an obvious event for CCCA to do a RTM with. 

Ricardo Arjona Concert: Different. New. Unique. Supporting the central american roots of a famous singer. Not the usual b2b approach of CCCA. The more I think about it, the more I like this one. Fun one too. 

Event: Ricardo Arjona concert. Why? It aligns with the brand in a fun unique way. 

RTM Tactic. Ricardo Arjona tweets out something along the lines of "Gracias a todos los guatemaltecos en Houston q vinieron a mi concierto!"(Thanks to all Guatemalans for coming to my concert tonight!) then CCCA responds with a tweet "Adonde se encuentra Guatemala? Gracias @RicardoArjona por llevar en alto a CA" (Where is Guatemala? Thank you @RicardoArjona for representing CA so well) and a map outlining where Guatemala is located within Central America. 

Strategic Rationale: This would be a smart move because Ricardo Arjona is a big name in the latin music industry and he happens to be from Central America. He currently has 5.39 MILLION followers on twitter! If he were to retweet CCCA tweet, we would be reaching a whole new audience. 

Urgency and Preparedness: This could easily happen therefore at this point CCCA is getting ready for a RTM opportunity. 

I would love to hear the thoughts of Ekaterina Walter and fellow classmates! 


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